The Templates section is where you can set which template that you would like to use for your 68 Classifieds web site, upload your logo and edit your template files from within the administration.

Getting Around

Login to your administration control panel using the username and password that you setup during the installation of 68 Classifieds web site. In the main tabs (in grey), click on the “Settings”. In the submenu (in blue), click on the “Template Settings” and this will take you to the Template settings home page. This will default to the “Site Template” section where you can choose the template that you would like to use for your 68 Classifieds web site.

Template Settings Sections

Site Template

This is the default section that you will go to when you choose the “Template Settings”. Here is where you can choose what template that you would like to use for your 68 Classifieds web site.

You will see the “Current Theme” and will be set to the “default” template if you have not changed it. This will show you a preview image of the template, the name and a small description of the template selected.

Below that, you will see the “Available Themes” that are installed in your templates directory on your site. 68 Classifieds includes “default 3 col”, “deepsea” and “purple” themes. To choose a different template (“Theme”), simply click the preview image of the theme in the Available Themes and it will change to that theme for your front end (what your site visitors see).

Logo Settings

If you have your own logo that you would like to use instead of the 68 Classifieds Text, this is where you can upload it. Click on the “Logo Settings” tab in the “Template Settings” Section.

Click on the “Choose File” button. This will open up a standard browse window on your computer. Find your logo and select it and then click on choose it. The name of your logo image file will then show besdie the “Choose File button. Once you click on the “Submit” button, the file will be uploaded to your server and will be used.

The Logo Title, is where you can enter text instead of using a logo image file. The 68 Classifieds text is what you see by default. If there is NOT a Logo Image uploaded, 68 Classifieds will use the Logo Title, by default instead. To use your text, simply replace the “68 Classifieds” text with your text and then click on the “Submit” button.

Template Editor

The “Template Editor” section allows you to modify the actual template files directly on your server. This is NOT the recommended method to do this, however it is a feature available for those that do not have another method to edit their template files.

The home page of the Template editor will show you the template (theme) folders that are in your template directory. To modify a template file, simply click on the name of your theme name that you would like to modify. This will then open the Theme directory. In this directory, you will see a list of the directories (folders) and the template files within it. All template files can be identified by the suffix ”.tpl” and in the Template editor will have a pencil icon to the left of the file name indicating that you can edit this file.

When you click on an editable file, the file will open up in a text editor just like the “Page Editor” for you to modify it. (*Note: if you get an error trying to open a template file, it is most likely that you do not have permission to edit the file on your web host server. To edit it, you will have to “CHMOD” the files in your template folder to “777”. CHMOD is beyond the scope of this article.) Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the “submit button” to save your changes.


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