I have lost my administration password

All passwords are encrypted inside 68 Classifieds database. So if you have lost your administration password you have two options to generate a new one.

Have a new one emailed to you from the sites frontend.

  1. Open a browser and visit
  2. Enter the email address of the administrator's account and submit the form
  3. Check your inbox for the email


This works in version 4.0 and newer!

  1. locate the “do_not_upload” directory in the bundle you originally downloaded after purchase.
  2. upload the 'newpass.php' file to the administration directory of your site.
  3. open a browser and visit (make sure to replace “” with the domain name you're using. Also, if the classifieds script is installed in a subfolder, add that to the address.)
  4. fill out the form on that page and submit the changes.
  5. Please Note: You will be asked to verify your license key to submit the form

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