Getting help on the forums

68 Classifieds support forums contain a wealth of knowledge and tons of advice. If you are having trouble or needing assistance that is the place to look.

Search First

The first step in finding an answer is to search first. This allows you to find questions that have already been answered and keeps other forum members from having to type the same thing twice.

Ask Second

If you are unable to find a suitable answer by searching please ask you question in the proper forum. Our forums are broken down by versions. So you will need to know what version you are currently running and also include it in your post.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when asking for help:

Be Nice
By being courteous you will have a better chance at getting your question answered. If someone finds you rude the chances of them helping you in the future is minimum.
Be Descriptive
Try to make the title and description as descriptive as possible. This helps us better understand your problems and will make giving you an answer easier.
Be Thorough
If you are having a layout problem please include a URL or any other information that we would need in answering your question. Please do not post questions like my site is messed up without giving us details of what you did.
Be Patient
The staff at 68 Classifieds and our forums do not live on the forums although it does seem like it at times. Sometimes some one may not be available to answer your question. If it has been a day and no one has responded you can reply to the initial post.
Be Understanding
Please understand we want to help everyone. Questions about 68 Classifieds comes before any modifications support.
Post in the right forum
We offer many different categories in our forums. If you need a modification post in that section. If you are having difficulties with a layout post in there.
Don't Duplicate
Please only post your question in one forum.
Follow Up
If you have asked a question and later found the answer on your own please follow up and post the answer. This helps others who may have the same issue.
No Spam
Do not post spam in our forums. If you do you will be banned and not able to use them in the future.

Have more questions? Visit our community forums.