Resources and Links

This page links to other web sites and pages that we think may be helpful to our customers.

Third Party Products
This is the official 68 Classifieds site for third party developers. You will find Professionals that offer their Services and Products such as Templates, Modules and Plugins.

Web Standards
This is the group that defines the standards used HTML, CSS, etc.
This is the group that defines the standards for php.

Technologies Used in 68 Classifieds
This is the site for the Templating Engine that is used in 68 Classifieds.
This is the site for the javascript library that is used for 68 Classifieds.

Learning, Tutorials, Tips

w3 Schools
This site is a great resource for learning about most technologies that are used on the web today. It has tutorials, references and much more.

One of our third party developers that publishes several articles specific to 68 Classifieds such as Tutorials, Reviews and Tips & Tricks.

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