License Disabled

I just tried to login to my administration and received a license disabled message. What is the problem?

This error message can come up for a variety of reasons. Please read the different steps below for what to check:

Trying to access your administration from a Domain Name that is not associated with the license. For example is different than It is recommended to first try with and without the www and see if it works.

Open the file connections/classifieds.php on your server and see what you have entered for:

define("LICENSEKEY", "234-2342-0-012");

Next login to your customer account and verify the two license keys match. If they do not then you will need to change the on the server and delete the license/key.php file. Please note: This file includes your database connection so you will only want to alter that line.

If neither option works please submit a ticket and we will reset the license key.

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