Please read this entire page and understand the steps before you begin.


From time to time it will be necessary to upgrade your 68 Classifieds installation to the latest version, either to gain new features or to fix newly discovered bugs.

Make a Backup

  • Backup your database and all your tables.
  • Backup your connections/classifieds.php file and any template files you have changed.
  • Backup any modules or changes you have made.

Download your new files

You will need to login to 68 Classifieds customer section to download the latest release.

Upload your new files

  1. Open your FTP program and connect to your server.
  2. In the server pane of your FTP program, navigate to where you have 68 Classifieds installed.
  3. In the local pane of your FTP program, navigate to the contents of the 'upload' folder.
  4. Upload all of the folders and files contained in the 'upload' folder overwriting what's there.

You do not have to upload the following folders:

  • cache
  • catimages
  • Connections
  • ioncube
  • license
  • modules
  • photos
  • templates (See note below)
  • thumbs
  • uploads

Why can we skip uploading some folders?

The reason you can skip most of the folders above is that they are empty. You may skip the ioncube folder because if your current installation is working properly, there's no reason to replace the loaders that are there now.

*templates folder: Read the list of changes in the changelog.txt file that is included in the download. If no changes have been made to the template files from the version you're currently using through the present version, uploading the templates directory is not necessary. If you do need to upload the template directory, we recommend that you rename the template directory you're using if: - you're using the '3col', 'deepsea', 'default' or 'purple' templates AND - you've made custom changes to that template By renaming the folder, you're preserving the changes you have made. You will need to reapply your styling changes to the newly uploaded files OR apply the code changes to the older template files you were using after completing the upgrade.

Run the upgrade

After all the new files have been uploaded, visit ( for v4.x.x) and follow the upgrade steps. It will ask you what version you are upgrading from that way the correct database changes are made.

The final step after upgrading will be to COMPLETELY DELETE THE ENTIRE 'SETUP' DIRECTORY. If this is not done, your site will not work correctly.

Please Note - Our upgrade script will upgrade your site from your current version to the latest. You do not need to go through each individual version.

PLEASE - MAKE SURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE UPGRADE STEPS WHEN UPGRADING! Following the 'Installation' steps will overwrite your database!

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