System Requirements

In order for 68 Classifieds to work properly, please ensure your hosting service includes the following:

Server Requirements

  • PHP Version 5.2 or above
  • MySQL 4.01 or above
  • Either GD, GD2, or Netpbm for the image upload and resize functions.
  • ionCube Loader support.

Other items you will need:

  • A program capable of editing and saving as text files. Some of the more popular programs are:
    • Dreamweaver from Macromedia
    • FrontPage from Microsoft
    • Notepad included in all versions of Windows
    • Notepad++ from Notepad-Plus
  • A program capable of unzipping compressed files. There are many programs currently available including:
    • WinRAR from RARLab
    • WinZip from WinZip

Hosts and ionCube Loaders

Because 68 Classifieds is encoded using the ionCube Encoder, you must use the correct Ioncube loaders. 68 Classifieds includes a few of the more popular loaders in the download bundle. However, if the loader you need is not included, other loaders can be downloaded for free at and installation instructions are provided at

We've had a number of customers report success with the following hosts:

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