Moving a Site

There may be times when you want to move a 68 Classifieds script from one location to another. Below is instructions for moving within the same domain and to a totally different domain.

To A New Directory

  1. Login to the administration and edit your main settings inserting your new url.
  2. FTP into your server and move all files from your current classifieds directory to your new one.

To A New Domain

Below are instructions for moving your site to a new domain.

  1. Make a backup of all your files and your database.
  2. Go to your new account and create an empty database.
  3. Now import the database backup into the new MySQL database you just created.
  4. Next upload the files from your old site to the new.
  5. Then download the connections/classifieds.php file and enter your new database details.
  6. Visit your administration → settings → main settings and change the url to the new site.
  7. Finally login to our customer area and change the domain associated with your account.


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