Installation Instructions

Instructions for setting up and installing 68 Classifieds.

Please read through all of these instructions before starting your installation!!! If you do not understand ANY of these instructions or you are not comfortable in performing all of these steps, please consider hiring a professional to install 68 Classifieds for you. 68 Classifieds offers this service as well as many of our listed Professionals in our third party offerings Classified Mods.

Creating your database

Before running the installation, a MySQL database will need to be created. Most hosting companies provide a control panel that contains all the tools necessary to create databases. Since different hosts offer different control panels, we won't be able to provide specific instructions on this task. Please read through your host's documentation or contact them directly to find the location of your host's control panel.

Some notes regarding database creation:

  • You will need to make up three things when creating your database - the database name, a database username and a password. Each of these three items can be pretty much anything you like - just remember to write them down! You will need them later.
  • Some hosts append your account name to your database name. For example, if you name your database 'classifieds' (without the quotes!), your host may refer to this database as 'youraccountname_classifieds'. The same thing may occur with the database username you create ('youraccountname_username'). Typically, the only thing that remains exactly the same is the password you assign.
  • Most control panels will review the values to use (such as 'youraccountname_classifieds') on the main database page after the database is created.
  • On a vast majority of hosts, the location of the database will be 'localhost'. You can verify this on the main database page after the database is created. If your host does not use 'localhost' for the location of their database, they will provide a location you should use instead. It may look like ''

Upload your files

You will need to upload all of the files that are inside the “upload” directory (folder), but not the upload folder itself.

We'll use a method called 'ftp' (FTP = File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files from your computer to your host's server. You'll need an FTP application in order to complete this process. Some popular FTP programs are:

If you don't have an FTP program installed, you can use Windows Explorer to transfer files. In addition, many hosting services also offer a web based method to upload your files as well within their control panel. It is typically called something similar to disk manager or file manager.

Please note: It's very important that ALL your files are uploaded to the server in order for your site to work properly. Some 68 Classifieds customers have had problems using Windows Explorer for FTP'ing their files. More advanced FTP programs will actually report which files were not successfully uploaded.

Change your folders' permissions

Whether you're installing 68 Classifieds on an Apache server or a Windows server, you need to change the following folders' permissions.

Within the “server pane” of your ftp application, highlight the following folders:

  • catimages
  • Connections
  • license
  • photos
  • templates_c
  • thumbs
  • uploads

In most ftp applications, you can right-click and choose “Permissions” or “Get Info” or “CHMOD”. Your selection will vary depending on the ftp application you're using. Most hosting services also allow you to do this in the previously mentioned disk manager or file manager in your control panel.

You should modify all of the folders' permissions to “Read, Write, Execute All”. Shorthand notation for the correct permissions on Linux machines is 777.

Apply the changes by choosing “Apply” or “Save” or “Submit”.

Run the installation

So far, we've downloaded the files from the 68 Classifieds site, unzipped the files, uploaded the files to the server, changed the permissions and created our database. We're now ready to start the installation process.

Open a browser window and visit (replacing 'yoursite' with your Domain Name). Then follow the steps displayed in your browser's window.

NOTE: If you are installing your 68 classifieds into an existing database, you MUST use a prefix for your database tables which can be entered in the field during the installation process!!!

The final step after installation will be to COMPLETELY DELETE THE ENTIRE 'SETUP' DIRECTORY. If this is not done, your site will not work correctly.

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