The listings section of the administration allows you to add, edit, and delete listings that your users or you have added to your classifieds site.

Manage Listings

The “Manage Listings” page shows you a list of all listings that have been placed on your site. Across the top it includes a form where you can search for a specific listing or where you can select a different time span, you can enter the beginning and ending dates in the text fields and press the 'Go' button. The 'Cal' buttons will display a calendar where you can point and click to a specific date to enter their values in each field.

The top row of the table includes links which allow you to sort the listings. The sorting you choose will be saved to a cookie so if you return to this page later on it will still be sorted by your choice.

You can change the status of a listing by selecting the desired listings then choosing a different status in the drop-down box and then pressing the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page.

Add Listing

When you click the add listing link you are shown a form which allows you to enter the owner, category, status, expiration, and the general listing details. Once the category is selected the extra fields are loaded by using Ajax which basically means any thing you have entered will not be erased. After you add a listing you can then modify it and add images or make any changes.

Modify Listing

The modify listing page allows you to modify all aspects of the listing that a user has placed.

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