The 'Categories' area is where you will create and/or modify the categories and subcategories for your site. You can create as many categories and subcategories as you need. If you have more than a few categories and subcategories to create, it may help to write them out first to determine the best structure.

Manage Categories

When you click on the 'Manage Categories' link, a page loads that lists your current categories and subcategories in the left column of the table. The top categories will be left justified with their subcategories listed underneath. Subcategories will have two greater-than symbols ( > ) indicating that they are a “child” of their “parent” category. Keep in mind that subcategories can also have subcategories placed in them. These will be designated with a second pair of greater-than symbols ( » ). For each level down in the category structure, another pair of greater-than symbols ( > > ) will appear next to the name designating their place in the category hierarchy.

Enter a name for your new category.
(not required) Enter a description for the category. Please note: if this category has subcategories placed within it, the names of subcategories will appear on your site just underneath the the parent categories name. If the category only contains ads within it, the description will appear.
(not required) Enter any keywords that are related to this category.
(not required) By default categories are sorted by their name. You can override this setting by specifying a weight. The higher the weight the closer to the top it floats
Category Link
(not required) Here you can specify a category link. Instead of acting like a normal category it will forward the user to the link entered.
Allow Ads
Whether or not you want to allow ads in this category.
Parent Category
If you would like to place your new category within another category, choose its parent category here. Otherwise, choose “Top Category”.
Display Category
If you don't want the category to appear on your site, choose “No” here. This is a useful feature if you want to add a lot of categories and subcategories prior to displaying them on your site. If you hide the topmost category, any categories below it will not be seen.
If you would like to have an image next to the category's name, you can choose an image to upload here. Click the “Browse” button and navigate to the image you would like to use. Keep in mind that category images are not resized so you must format the height and width of the image prior to uploading it.
Promotional Category Text
Any text entered here will show above the category listings when a user is browsing your site.
Deleting a Category
To delete a category, simply press the 'Delete' button. A warning message will pop-up asking you to confirm the deletion. Any categories within the deleted category will not be deleted but will no longer be displayed because it's parent is missing. So, it's advisable to start from the lowest category and work your way up. Also, ads located within deleted categories are not deleted but you are given a new form to select which category you would like the ads to be moved to.
Reordering your Categories
By default categories sort alphabetical then by weight. If you would like a category to appear first then you would change it's weight to a higher amount. The higher the weight the more it goes to the top.

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