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Auction Nights - provide memberships

Discussion in 'Site Marketing' started by Chaslie, May 22, 2006.

  1. Chaslie Moderator

    Do you have any local non-profit organisations who hold 'auction nights'. That is, businesses provide the org with products and services and the non-profit group auction these.

    Consider providing (say) just 3 of your best membership packages as items to be auctioned.

    Also be sure to provide a written description of what your site is about and what the membership is about so that the auctioneer can do your product justice in describing the item to be auctioned.
  2. dawyatt Senior Member from OHIO!

    I actually did this on Sunday. We had 3 separate benefits going on in our area.

    All three benefits were to raise much needed funds for the medical expenses of some local folk who were involved in some serious accidents.

    I donated one of my "Bronze Business Memberships" - valued at $194 to be auctioned off. I created a certificate and provided instructions on how to redeem it at my site. Or they can call the office for assistance.

    This was my first marketing campaign and I am already looking at other benefits to offer similar packages... I think I will possibly work with each group to custom design a package unique to them.

    As of this morning, the certificates have not been redeemed, but the best part is that some much needed cash was put towards a worthy cause!

    GREAT Ideas....
  3. Chaslie Moderator

    Can see you are well on the way to facilitating great things.
  4. dawyatt Senior Member from OHIO!

    Pay it forward..

    :) Thanks... I have to give credit where credit is due... 68Classifieds and the the 68 forum are the best...

    Good programming ideas from 68 lead to great business opportunities for others... Although 68 Classifieds does cost to obtain, the forum help is invaluable....

    It goes to show that whatever your passion, you can turn it into a business while at the same time finding rewarding opportunities to help others out!

    I think we all can pat ourselves on the back for being one of, if not the BEST forums around...

    Keep the ideas flowing.... passing (paying) it forward is really rewarding...


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